ATTENTION: Passionate raw foodies who want to discover the ULTIMATE way to go and stay raw in a way that works specifically for YOU.

Give me just 5 short weeks and I will personally
share with you my most potent secrets for helping you go and stay successfully raw so that you can get excited about being raw like never before, create a raw food diet that you love in every way, achieve all your raw food goals effortlessly and easily, and set yourself free from the kitchen so that you can pursue and live the life that you want!

Let me show you how...

Karen KnowlerAnnouncing the highly-anticipated launch of my revised and updated Let’s Get Rawganized! Virtual Workshop Program. Starting Tuesday 14th June 2011.

Dear Friend,

  • Are you fed up of falling on and off the raw food wagon?
  • Are you ready to find out what really works best for YOU, away from the hype, rules and well-meaning intentions from the rest of the world and its influences?
  • Are you ready to make this year THE year that you figure out exactly how to go and stay successfully raw in a way that’s perfect for YOU?

If you are ready to go and stay successfully raw, and to learn from a world-class mentor the secrets, strategies and organising tips for raw lifestyle success and genuine dietary bliss (that no-one else is talking about) then you’re in exactly the right place!

Hi, I’m Karen Knowler “The Raw Food Coach”, and I’ve been teaching about the raw food diet and how to do it to people of every age, background and dietary history and from every corner of the globe for over 13 years now.

In fact, over the years I have coached and taught literally thousands of people about how to go and stay raw and do it in a way that is joyful, expansive and delicious, and what it really all comes down to at the end of the day is having a bigger vision for your life, the commitment to your own growth and evolution, finding the best all-round diet for you and having the vital ongoing support to guide and teach you and keep you on track to doing what works.

It sounds simple really, but very few people actually take the time to sit down and map out what that looks like, or they simply don’t know where to start or how to move things forward.

The good news for you is that I’ve been teaching this information for so long that I can practically do it in my sleep, and I know that when I share with you my step-by-step system for creating a raw food diet and lifestyle that works for YOU, then you’ll be experiencing levels of peace, pleasure, energy and success in your life that you’ve only ever dreamed about.

Are you ready to find out more?

Whether you are brand new to raw food or have been eating this way for years, the exact same “rules” apply and this system will work for absolutely anyone.

But before we get into exactly what this system is, please take a moment now to answer YES or NO to the following questions to see exactly where you’re at with your raw food diet and lifestyle today:
1.   I am 100% happy about the way I am currently eating
2.   I eat the amount of raw food that I want to eat
3.   My diet delivers the results I am looking for
4.   I have all the energy I need, and more
5.   I feel great in my body and carry no excess weight
6.   I love everything that I eat, it’s all delicious
7.   I have a wide variety of delicious raw food recipes from which to choose
8.   I never get bored with my food
9.   I eat a diversity of raw foods and feel confident that my nutritional needs are being taken care of
10. I consistently take the time to find and experiment with new raw foods to keep things interesting
11. I know all about the different raw food groups and have tried foods from all of them
12. I have the right tools and equipment in my kitchen
13. My kitchen is clean, tidy and organised and I have systems in place to make sure it stays that way
14. I have a raw food routine that I follow every day to ensure I get the key foods in that I want and
      need to
15. I have a raw food routine that I follow every week that enables me to have to hand the kinds of
      foods I really want
16. I have “zones” in my kitchen to make my food prep super quick and easy
17. My fridge and cupboards always have the right foods in them, and nothing goes to waste
18. I know how to plan raw food menus for my day-to-day life
19. I know how to create a menu to impress and inspire for special occasions
20. I know exactly what to pack and how to eat raw when travelling, stating away from home and
      eating out
21. I know how to introduce raw food simply and successfully to children
22. I have much bigger dreams for my diet, my life and my health than where I’m at today


All done? When you are, please count up the number of YES and NO answers. Your total should add up to 22.

Now take a look at your score. How do you feel about it? Your gut response to what you discovered should tell you all you need to know about whether this program is something that you need right now.


Why take the time to focus on getting your diet to be the perfect fit?


In our busy day-to-day lives it’s all too easy to say “manana, manana” when it comes to addressing our diet. The fact is, if you’re not eating the way that you want to eat, then sooner or later your diet is going to start addressing you!

It’s so much more fun and so much more rewarding to proactively choose what you place in your fridge, larder and mouth every day than to allow life or circumstances dictate it for you. When you’re eating on your terms and have the body, energy and health that you desire because of it, the world is a much happier and more magical place. You feel like you’re in the centre of your Universe experiencing the body and life that you want to have with a sense of power, passion and purpose, rather than floating around aimlessly within it!


So What’s Your Current Diet Costing You?


Once upon a time when I was feeling particularly disenchanted with the way I was eating and struggling to look and feel the way that I desired, I decided to ask myself: “What is not eating raw to the degree that I want truly costing me?”

I then took a sheet of paper, wrote that question down at the top of the page and listed out all the things I could possibly think of that were not so great in my life because of the way I was eating.

It was a complete and utter eye-opener.

The list ended up being a whole page long and covered not only the obvious things such as the body that I wanted, and clear blemish-free skin, but it also culminated in the realisation that it was actually costing me my biggest, boldest dreams. Yes, really!

Everything looked very different after that, I can tell you.

I encourage you to make the same list for yourself, right now, asking yourself what your current diet is costing you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, environmentally and also how it’s affecting your relationships and overall vision for yourself and your life - THEN see what price you are paying for not eating the way you want to eat or not being organised enough to make it easy, simple and fun. When you have that information for yourself it’s so much easier to see how invaluable cracking your diet once and for all really is and what a massive difference it will make to you and your life when you do.


Nicky Turner

I am being blown away by the power of this work, this is definitely going to lead me somewhere very exciting - not sure where yet. Have shed a lot of tears so far while doing this work. Thank you so much. I'm not exactly sure how but by about half way through this course, I found myself to be 100% raw - after 4 years of trying!  I had found and removed blocks I didn't know were there and thoroughly enjoyed the process! ”

Nicky Turner, UK

Via the Let’s Get Rawganized! program, I’ve literally done ALL of the thinking for you and what I’ve put together is the most joyful, exciting, comprehensive yet streamlined approach to raw kitchen and lifestyle rawganization that I have ever seen (in fact, as far as I know no-one’s ever taught something like this before, just bits and pieces that can often add to the problem more than educate).

Yes, the long and the short of it is, I have a SYSTEM, and what you’ll especially love about it, I’m sure, is that it starts with the VISION and works with YOUR unique circumstances and desires, so it’s entirely personalised to you, is 100% built upon what YOU want and what fires YOU up, and it’s ready and waiting for you right here.

These are the exact same methods that I have used successfully myself in a multitude of different ways and for MANY different life circumstances over the past 18 years. As a result I KNOW that these steps will work for ANYONE in ANY SITUATION, including YOU.

If you choose to work with me as your Successfully Rawganized teacher, mentor and coach over the next few weeks you can relax in the knowing that no matter what type of organising tricks you may or may not have tried before, this is actually going to work! By investing just a few short hours of your time, in a focussed yet really fun way, you will literally float away from our time together with:

  • A compelling, “oh-my-goodness, I am sooo excited to be alive” vision for yourself, your body, and your life (This will form the foundations for the work we do together so that every choice you make is aligned with your exciting vision – how cool is that?!)
  • A “Successfully Rawganized” 100%-personalised-to-you gorgeous Kitchen Binder that will contain everything you need to keep yourself on track and organised all in one beautiful, streamlined place
  • A set of 100% personalised, 100% healthy and delicious menu plans that completely support you in every way
  • An exciting and delicious collection of raw food recipes (small but perfectly formed) that work for YOU every single day as well as those that you’ll use for any special occasions you care to mention
  • A kitchen that is so clean, organised and easy-to-maintain that you won’t believe how much energy, time and money you save because of it
  • And your secret weapon, something you may never have created for yourself before (or at least not in the way I’ll teach you) – your very own set of “Super Stashes” - those secret stashes of raw goodies that you keep on hand for emergencies, when you travel, eat out socially, want to comfort eat or celebrate - all while staying raw, and loving it!

And as fabulous as all of this truly is, this really is just the tip of the iceberg.

Keep reading and you’ll hear about the priceless extras I’ll be throwing in to the mix to make the whole process a complete joy and journey of delight - no matter where you may be on your raw food journey. And remember, once you have all your rawganizational ducks in a row you’re a free (wo)man! You can start getting busy doing all the other things you enjoy OUTSIDE of the kitchen, all without feeling bogged down with guilt around what you ate (or didn’t eat!) or worrying about what to eat at your next meal. Such freedom can be very very sweet!



“I don’t like to cook. Before Let’s Get Rawganized! my kitchen was a territory I hardly ventured into. My meals consisted of whatever I could fix in 2 minutes or less, normally a cheese and tomato sandwich. My office lunches were whatever I had at hand coming from the freezer. 90% of the fresh vegetables I bought got rotten in the fridge and I got used to throwing away food every week. I never had any idea of what I would eat that day and it was the norm to open the fridge and find I only had a bottle of water and a rancid carrot that I had to throw away feeling really guilty about that.

Week after week with your program I started to rediscover myself, first seeing why I wanted to eat healthier and then how.

The results are that after 5 weeks, I’m eating A LOT healthier, I’ve got rid of those foods I no longer want to eat and that don’t support my vision, I discovered new recipes, I’m rediscovering lost flavours, I’m spending FAR LESS time in the kitchen, now having time to prepare my evening meal and next day’s lunch with your mega quick recipes, I know what I’ll be eating, therefore I know what exactly what I have to buy, I haven’t thrown away a single piece of produce because they don’t have time to get rotten anymore: I eat them first; and my kitchen got a complete makeover! The kitchen is no longer a dreaded room for me, cooking time is now fun time.

"I can only thank you from my heart for giving this program and I hope more and more people can get as many benefits as I got. For me, it was life changing, it reconnected me with myself, with the ways I’ve eaten for most of my life that I had abandoned and with a way of life I used to have but lost somewhere in the frenzy of my life. Now I’m me, again. Thank you!”

Claudia Juárez


I am totally committed to delivering what will be not only a totally unique and life-changing program, but most importantly something that WORKS. (And now that I’ve taught this material four times and people have ADORED the program, there’s no doubt at all that it works).

The Let’s Get Rawganized! program is for you if:

  • You are new to raw food and want to get it right from the start
  • You’re not so new but realise that you’re not eating as much raw food as you want, and are frustrated, upset or negatively affected by that
  • You’ve been into raw food for a long time and are excited at the opportunity to re-create your life and raw food diet anew
It's an intensive 5 weeks and you'll be learning lots in order to create a 100% personalised Raw Food Lifestyle Plan that REALLY WORKS and that you can start implementing and benefiting from immediately. Getting clear about who you are, what you really want and getting set-up to support that has never been so much fun (or so rewarding!).

Just imagine knowing exactly what you are doing and why, and never having to worry about having the right food in the fridge or being bored by your lack of options ever again...

Here’s your opportunity to work with me personally for a very affordable investment and learn the very best of what I have to offer so that you don’t have to struggle or feel frustrated any more.

Join me on my life-changing “Let’s Get Rawganized!” 5-week program and you will receive:


5 weekly curriculum-based calls (live calls to a US bridge line). On each of these info-packed calls I’ll be walking you through one topic, step-by-step. I’ll be in teaching mode for the first 45-60 minutes of the call, then I’ll open up the line for Q&A so you can have your questions answered live by me for the next 30-45 minutes, so each call will last 90 minutes. Q&A calls always bring up additional valuable information that will be of benefit to all participants on the call, plus, of course, I want to make sure that you have no excuses for not completing your assignment by the time the next week rolls around! Should your question not be answered then I will make a point of doing it on our private members-only group forum.

These calls are fun, instructional and you’ll receive all my best insider secrets and information!

Let’s Get Rawganized! Weekly Assignments (PDF documents). Each and every Monday your weekly assignment and fill-in-the-blank documents will be uploaded to the password protected forum so that you'll have time to look them over before our Tuesday call. These workbooks are loaded with invaluable information and your assignments for the week. My aim is to keep this as easy, simple and fun for you as possible, so I’ll do that wherever I can, but you’ll need to complete the juicier questions and assignments as well if you are truly committed to getting the most out of the program and your raw diet. You’ll be bringing these workbooks to the calls so I can talk you through them.

Members-Only Online Forum. This is where you can post before and after photos, swap recipes, hints and tips, download assignments, checklists, recipes and call recordings and make new raw friends online during our time together. The forum is a vital piece of the program experience and you’ll be gaining so much valuable information through connecting with like-minded souls that you’ll be amazed and inspired by what others are doing all around the world at the same time as you. I know you’re going to love this!

Raw food recipes, resources and checklists that support and supplement what you learn in each call. Throughout the program you’ll be given master copies of all the beautifully designed worksheets, menu plans, shopping lists and more so that you have everything looking as good as you feel! And of course, once the program is over you’ll have these master documents to print and work with as many times as you like, for the rest of your life!


And if that wasn’t already enough, here’s the bit I know you’re really going to love...


25 LET'S GET RAWGANIZED! *EXCLUSIVE* KITCHEN VIDEOS prepared especially for you. I thought long and hard about the best way to teach you all I want to share and it was obvious that video was absolutely the way to go. So I spent 2 days in my kitchen being filmed to create the information that I feel you definitely need to know and here’s what I have lined up for you:

7 Raw Kitchen Gadget Teach-Ins: From my juicer of choice to whether I think you should own a dehydrator and beyond, all my personal thoughts and experiences are shared in these bite-sized easy-to-understand modules that will answer all your questions about what equipment to have in your kitchen and why.

10 Delicious Raw Food Recipes: Learn how I make everything from my morning green juice, to endless varieties of salads, what I use for dressings, the side dishes I wouldn’t be without, the juice that makes me happy and two of the quickest and most delicious desserts you will ever ever learn. The beauty of all of these recipes is that they each take less than 5 minutes to make and they’re some of the healthiest and tastiest recipes in the world!

Let’s Get Rawganized! Module Videos: With every module you’ll receive an accompanying video that will show you how I do things and show you how you can do the same. Whether it’s creating your vision poster, learning how to choose the best quality fresh produce, creating your Successfully Rawganized Kitchen Binder or being shown around the entire four walls of my personal kitchen, you can bet that you’re going to love watching these clips and learn a ton of valuable information in the process.


These are the component parts – i.e. How your Program is delivered.
All these components together are worth AT LEAST £1000 ($1500 US).

The program begins on Tuesday 14th June, 2011 and runs for 5 weeks – ending on Tuesday 12th July 2011. All calls are on Tuesdays at 4pm UK time (11am Eastern, 8am Pacific) and will last for 90 minutes. Don't worry if you have to miss a call or want to listen to it again later, all calls will be recorded and posted online so you can listen to as many times as you want, as well as keep them all forever!


"What a gift Let's Get Rawganized! was to myself! I'm a busy person with lots of interests and irons in the fire, but I really benefitted from Karen's super wonderful raw foods course. She didn't miss a trick and I didn't miss a class (or exercise!)  Did it EVER pay off! I was sooo excited I actually created 3 huge binders (instead of the one required!) with all my great recipes catalogued, sorted and ready to go (Karen would be soooo proud of me!) It is time well spent if you are wanting to really get into a healthier more dynamic way of eating and being in the world. For, as Karen reminds us, it's not just a way of eating, it's a way of life! Thanks loads, Karen! You helped me achieve all of my raw lifestyle goals and more! You are one organized, knowledgeable and special lady and this is by far the best course I've ever taken.”


Barbara Weith, San Diego, California


And here’s the juicy content you can look forward to receiving on each call...



In this, our first call (week 1), we’re going to start with the most commonly-overlooked aspects of organising – your VISION, MINDSET & SENSE OF IDENTITY. Totally fascinating!

  • You’ll get clear on your BIG WHY, the one juicy “so-compelling-I-could-squeal!” reason why you want to eat raw in your life RIGHT NOW (Reasons change, so if you’ve lost your raw mojo or sparkle recently, chances are it’s because you’ve outgrown or never owned your BIG WHY. Together we’ll create the juiciest one you’ve EVER had, the one that will launch you into this program with joy, excitement and a passion so big that you’ll have no doubts in your mind that you’re on the right track – get excited!)
  • We’ll take a fascinating look at the role and importance of identity. With my step-by-step worksheet you’ll be able to tweak, refine, expand or completely reinvent who you’re going to be in this next exciting stage of your raw food journey PLUS you’ll learn how *not* doing so may well have been holding you back before – big time!
  • You’ll create a commitment and Raw Inspiration Poster that you’ll keep pinned up in your kitchen to remind you why you’re choosing raw and to keep your mind on the high things (Can you imagine how a poster that’s all about YOU and YOUR dreams and vision can act as the ultimate accountability partner and reminder at the very times and the very place where you need it most? You’re going to LOVE this!)
  • You’ll set specific and inspiring goals for the duration of the program that align with your vision and enable you to have a sense of achievement as you tick them off one by one as you go. You WILL make great things happen!
  • OPTIONAL: You’ll create a fantastic vision board illustrating your highest intentions for your body, your diet and your kitchen so you know exactly what you’re aiming for. (This takes extra time so you can really go for it with this or merge this with your Raw Inspiration Poster)


NEW for 2011: “How Much Raw Food Should YOU Be Eating?”


This is a brand-new, NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE assessment that will help you discern what percentage of raw food is right for you. Imagine having this level of clarity about what’s right for you at this moment in time, and what peace it will bring. By knowing the percentage that’s right for you (50%, 75%, 80%, 90%, 99% or 100%?), it will instantly obliterate any current confusion, frustration or guilt in one fell swoop! And of course, once you know what’s right for you, everything else can revolve around it – how’s that for easy?




Now that you know what you want and are starting to align with your compelling new vision for yourself and your life, in week two, we’re going to get you set up for success by creating some raw diet and kitchen foundations that will support you from the outset. With these in place you can go forward confidently knowing that everything is in place and organised ready for the next all-important modules.

  • You’ll learn all about the “Hand Circles” and use them to decide what foods you will and won’t eat moving forward, and to what degree – your choice!
  • You’ll create a “Successfully Rawganized Kitchen Binder” a genius resource that will become 100% yours and will store all of your vital and inspiring raw food information in one beautiful, streamlined “I won’t lose it” place
  • You’ll take the “What Type of Eater Are You?” Quiz that will fast-track you to finding out what kind of raw food eater you are and what approach inside and out will work best for YOU (NB: People have been LOVING taking this quiz as you learn your raw food personality type and what makes you special – very cool!)
  • You’ll work with the findings of the Quiz to further refine and hone what’s missing or needed for your raw food lifestyle to truly honour who you are and what’s important to you – this may well have been what *hasn’t* working for you until today. Let me honour and nourish your own special brand of uniqueness.




In week three we’ll be moving into MENU PLANNING. This is the one area of rawganizing that most people fall down on simply because they never make the time to do it. But with my unique and totally customisable system you can create a variety of menu plans that work for you in any life situation enabling you to eat raw to any degree you desire – and love every single bite of it!

  • You’ll learn why and how a small chunk of time spent on planning today will create far more time and freedom in the near and long-term future than you can possibly imagine
  • You’ll learn about the various different types of menu plans and decide which ones are for you
  • You’ll learn how to make sure *YOUR* raw food menus truly honour the vision you’ve created for yourself
  • You’ll learn what the 7 “Dream Menu Must-Haves” are so that you can be sure to check all the boxes and guarantee menus you adore
  • You’ll learn what a good raw food menu looks like and what to do when you don’t feel hungry to plan!
  • You’ll learn how to plan for emotional eating, being caught unprepared (you won’t be!) and the best raw or “healthy cooked” substitutes are for the foods you crave
  • You’ll create a “real-life” menu planner & recipe book combo that will live in your kitchen, keep you fully on track and even enable you to delegate as much of the food prep as you choose to!




By week four, it’s time to look at the all-important recipes. If there’s one area that people get overwhelmed around it’s got to be “what to eat and when to eat it” – especially when they’re new. Regardless of what stage you’re at on your raw food journey, chances are that now’s the perfect time to shake things up a little and introduce some new recipes, foods or ingredients that will bring the love and buzz back to your raw food repertoire.

  • You’ll learn what makes recipes greatand not-so, and how you can ensure yours will taste great for the long term
  • You’ll create your very own personalised recipe book (to go into your Successfully Rawganized Kitchen Binder) – the perfect amount of recipes to satisfy you on every level, that fit your menu plans AND support your vision
  • You’ll create at least one new recipe that you love and that will become a cornerstone of your raw health regime
  • You’ll create your master Let’s Get Rawganized! Supplier Directory, so you (or others in your home) know exactly where to buy what at the turn of a page
  • You’ll create your master Let’s Get Rawganized! Shopping List – this one document alone will save you a ton of time, energy and money



In our fifth and final call, it’s time to create a kitchen that will support everything you’ve mapped out for yourself throughout the program. By leaving it to the last week of our time together you won’t be making expensive mistakes or course-correcting along the way. In fact, by this point, you’ll have everything you need to know how your kitchen needs to be set up in order to support your vision and the results you desire – you’ll be totally good-to-go – this is the cherry on your (raw) cake!

  • You’ll learn how I set my kitchen up and why
  • You’ll learn how to set up different workstations or “zones” for maximum ease and efficiency
  • You’ll discover the best ways to store your storecupboard items as well as what to put in the fridge
  • You’ll learn how to sprout and grow indoor greens
  • You’ll learn how to separate your food off when the rest of your household eats differently to you
  • You’ll learn how to detox, clean and totally refresh your kitchen so you can start your new journey with an sparklingly clean slate
  • And finally, you’ll create a one-stop document “My Rawganized Routine” to ensure that you’ve got everything covered, a realistic routine in place and that you stay on-track and in keeping with this life-changing system you’ve designed for yourself



Yes, it really is all totally covered!
Sonia McSweeney

"My husband is thrilled with the (cleaning) part of the program! :) And, incidentally, he's now on board with raw noticing my positive changes, weight, healthy, energy... I see why you put this module last.

It's sort of a launching pad. Every bit of your program is perfectly planned out, starting with the inspiring vision that fuels the journey. In fact, I've gone through the program once again since it ended and I revisit the same steps in order. The very last item is a checklist to follow moving forward which I still use religiously weeks later. I've also kept the 10 lbs off that I lost during the program! Thanks, as always!"

Sonia McSweeney, USA


So what is a program like this really worth?


Well, if you paid me by the hour in a 1:1 situation we’d honestly be talking in the region of at least £2000 (that’s around $3200 US).

And if you thought about how much time, money, energy and frustration this would save you over the course of the next year alone then chances are that you’d gain anything from an extra several thousands of pounds or dollars of income if you’re self-employed, or you’d save at least £1000 or more on food because you know what you’re buying and why!

And in terms of time and freedom, well, you could give your plan to a home-help, partner or friend and free yourself up to do more of what you love while they just follow your plan – thus saving as much as 10 hours a week of your precious time, or, if you self-cater and intend for things to stay that way then you can still save up to 7 hours of stress and overwhelm per week just by getting clear and organised on these few key things.

And that really is being conservative! Only you know just how much time, energy and money you’ve been spending on trying to get your raw food diet right...

But I’m not going to be charging you £2000 for my assistance (even though the value of the program is honestly way above that figure).

I’m not even going to charge you half that price, or half that price again.

And for sure the program could sell super-easily at the £249 price point when you consider just what awesome tools, tricks and recipes you’ll be learning and how much your life will change as a result of what you learn...

But I want to make this as affordable and easy for you as possible (there's even a 2-pay option) so the price is resting at...


ONLY £199


When you think about how much you're getting for this program (and the fact you can use it over and over again in the future) it's a complete and utter bargain!

That’s right. For less than £200 (approx. $320) you will receive ALL FIVE live calls, workbooks, checklists, recipes, resources, videos, additional audios, life-changing coaching exercises and access to many other action-takers just like you on the fabulous Let's Get Rawganized! forum.


Nancy WellsI just wanted to say how incredibly grateful I am that you have put this together. I really had no idea what I was signing up for but it is exactly what I needed. I was 100% raw for 6 weeks in the late Fall, following a 15 day cleansing fast. I have never felt so light, energetic, and spiritually connected in my 56 years on this earth. I truly fell of the proverbial wagon when a friend invited me to dinner and served lasagna. I didn't want to eat it but didn't want to be rude. I wish I had not. After taking this course I realize it was only a matter of time before I failed. I didn't have a clear vision and as you have so gracefully put before us, the vision is the key, it is the only thing that will work. The organization is something I have needed sorely, also. I was getting bored and really didn't know how to approach this radical change. You are amazing an angel, and a true gift. I cannot say thank you enough. I am thrilled and beyond hopeful. This is already working, and I have such an incredible foundation to build on. This is something I have looked for a long time. You have gifted me with the key to making this major change in my life.


Since I have completed the program I find myself going back to not only the recipes, but the whole program. The vision and menus are key to continuing forward.  I think I would have given up by now without my ‘manual’ to go back to.  Thank you, again, Karen for this wonderful foundation.   You have an insight that is amazing and you have put together a supportive program unlike anything I have seen elsewhere!”


Nancy Wells, USA



Karen Knowler with blender


I'm 100% confident that if you do all the assignments, attend/listen to the weekly calls, and take advantage of all the resources I share with you, you'll be totally and utterly rawganized and feeling AMAZING for it!

However, if by the end of call #2 (4:00pm UK time, Tuesday 21st June 2011) you don’t feel that this program is for you for whatever reason, simply let me know in writing and we’ll gladly refund your every penny. You have my word on it!

(Once the end of call 2 deadline has passed, sorry, no refunds!)

Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler
The Raw Food Coach


“But Karen, what if I can’t make the calls live,
will I still get value?”

This is a question I get asked all the time, especially as people who join my programs come from all over the world and therefore different time zones (we had people from 14 different countries participate in the first run of this program!) The answer to this question is a definite “YES – absolutely you’ll still get value”. Not only are all the calls recorded and immediately available to listen to right after they complete, but also if you have questions but can’t make the call live, then you can ask them on the webcast in advance of the call so that I can read your question out on the next call and answer it personally. There's also the online forum where you can get your other questions answered. Via Let’s Get Rawganized! you can ask as many questions as you want, so that you get the help you need from me personally - a service that I don’t offer any other way now other than to existing clients.


If You’re Ready to Get Rawganized – Sign Up Now!

If you’re ready to commit, don’t delay!
Secure your spot NOW! The faster you act the more bonuses you gain!


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Yes Karen!

"I'm ready to get rawganized with your expert support and guidance. I have had enough of disorganisation impacting negatively on my diet and my life and I’m ready to fall in love with raw food, myself and my life and to set myself free from the kitchen once and for all!”

I understand that within this program...
  • I have the opportunity to be on a total of FIVE 90-minute GROUP TEACHING & COACHING CALLS during the program, which I will have MP3 recordings of to keep forever.
  • I receive 5 workbooks, 100 raw food recipes, an assortment of checklists, resources, templates, training videos and more to help me customise my plan to fit
  • By the end of this program, providing I complete the program as directed, I will have in place: A compelling vision, a Successfully Rawganized Kitchen Binder, a series of menu plans customised to my personal needs, an extensive collection of raw food recipes that are a perfect fit for me, a kitchen that works from top to toe inside and out, and a weekly checklist to keep myself on track and maintaining what I started for the long-term.
  • I am part of an exclusive group and private forum where I can meet other rawganizers who are excited and passionate about mastering raw, just like me!
  • I understand that if I were to purchase all these components individually the package would cost AT LEAST £2000 ($2900 US) but is mine today for less than a TENTH of the price!

Which Payment Option Would You Like?

Option One (Best Deal)
(EU Residents: UK, Germany, Belgium etc.)
Pay-in-full at £199 +VAT

Option One (Best Deal)
(NON-EU Residents: US, Canada, Australia etc.)
Pay-in-full at $320 US*

Option 2
(EU Residents: UK, Germany, Belgium etc.)
Pay in 2 monthly payments of £120 +VAT

Option 2
(NON-EU Residents: US, Canada, Australia etc.)
Pay in 2 monthly payments of $190 US*

*NB: All $US prices quoted are approximate owing to currency fluctuations beyond our control. We have done our best to represent the latest figures, but please understand that your final payment may be above or below that quoted above depending on the currency price at the time of purchase/billing.





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Karen KnowlerIf you’ve reached the point where you’re ready for a raw food revolution, in your home, your diet and your life, this is THE PLACE to start that will enable you to make those all-important shifts that will change everything!


As I said, this program will give you *everything* you need to get your raw kitchen, diet and lifestyle running in the most efficient and joyful way possible. I’ve done the thinking so that you don’t have to. It really doesn’t get much easier than this, and once you’re done, you’ll be all set to save masses of time, money and energy in the kitchen moving forward. What’s not to love?


Your 5 week Let’s Get Rawganized Program is waiting – are you ready to claim it?


I'll be waiting on the "thank you" page with a special welcome message to greet you when you do! Just select your preferred option from the choices above and you’ll be good to go!


Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

P.S. Don’t miss out, this is a brand new revised and updated version of this program and the only time I plan to run it in 2011.


P.P.S. Remember you're making this decision WITHOUT RISK. If, for any reason, you're not happy, just ask for a full refund any time before the end of call #2 and we’ll take care of you.

Questions? Simply email us at and we’ll be happy to help you.


P.P.P.S.Due to other commitments, I have no plans to run this program again in 2011, so if this is for you, the time is NOW!




“Firstly, I have taken two courses with Karen and I would recommend them highly. Karen is so knowledgeable, so passionate and has a wonderful way of pushing people to the next level. The Let’s Get Rawganized! program has been amazing and especially so as my vision is now taking off!!!  Today I gave my first raw food class. It was fabulous, everyone was so enthusiastic, loved the food and eventually I had to push them out of the door! It is so strange but everywhere I go I'm meeting people that want me to teach them... Anyway, all I would like to say to anyone out there who is thinking of doing a course with Karen is DO IT! You will learn so much.”


- Tess Winn, UK


Trinity Thomas

“The particular Karen brilliance that worked for me, beyond where I’d become stuck in 10 years of intermittently attempting to live a raw lifestyle, is the piece about keeping my eyes on the desired outcome and letting that inform me in my choices now. As I’ve deepened my focus on my outcome I found there is no place for the saboteur or doubting. Perfect and many thanks.” 


- Trinity Thomas, Fair Oaks, California



“Let's Get Rawganised! is a truly inspiring course for a successful raw journey. It has enabled me to discover myself and adopt a healthier lifestyle. I am now more organised with menus, and stocking raw ingredients. My kitchen is re-organised to meet my new eating habits. I have also noticed that my energy levels are higher and I need less sleep now, being about 90% raw (I was previously 70% raw). I strongly recommend it! Thank you!”
- Seema, UK


“Thank you so much for these five weeks of rawganization. I learned so much more than I had expected and not only about food but also about myself. Every week was full of hints and helping tools to really move forward on my journey towards raw food. Maybe the coaching part was the most important because there are thousands of recipes out there, but that doesn't help to put everything together.


Being a teacher for vegan nutrition I can appreciate the high quality of all the materials you are offering. I feel that I will go over these again and again until it's all established in my daily routine.


The journey is not finished but I am progressing - so much that I have been 100% raw for two weeks now that is the longest time I ever managed in a row. And I feel so great, it doesn't feel like a big challenge any more, instead it's a smooth transition towards more vibrant healthy energy. The weight loss of a little more than 1 Kg per week is like the icing on the cake ;) Lots of love to you!”
- Frauke, Denmark


 “I have just completed the Let's Get Rawganized! course by Karen. This was truly one of the most inspirational courses I have attended in a long time. I love eating raw but often struggled with the organization process. The outline of the course was well thought out and extremely organized. Karen begins by with defining your vision, was a unique method of starting out but I believe it made all the difference.

Karen then progressed into creating a binder which you fill with her extensive collection of handouts.  I was amazed by the high quality of the handouts which were not only easy to follow, they were a joy to look at with their bright and cheerful colours. It always makes me happy to open my binderThe menu planning and recipe portion were priceless. Menu planning was covered in detail and addressed all of the issues I encounter on a daily basis. And the recipes......YUM!!!!!!  They are easy to follow and everyone I have tried is very good. There are so many in the collection that I have not tried them all yet but so far there is not a bad one in the bunch. The fifth module which was Rawganized Kitchen is priceless.  Many classes talk about recipes and how to make raw food but Karen takes the extra step and gives you a detailed plan on how to take your SAD kitchen and transform it into a wonderfully raw kitchen. No matter how big or small the kitchen is, you can easily incorporate these ideas into your own kitchen.  In addition, there were a plentitude of videos on equipment, recipes and kitchen videos to help you visualize everything. And the weekly calls were so helpful as well.  Don't worry, even if you can't make the calls, you can download them after they are done. The web site is well designed and easy to navigate to get all the materials 24x7 with just a click of a mouse. I could go on and on singing the praises of this course, but let me just sum it up.  TAKE IT, you won't regret it.”
- Nancy, California, USA


“I've lost 10 pounds since this picture!

I was extremely impressed with this program! This is a TOTAL package. Far too many weight loss/food management classes address only food choices with some fitness items thrown in for good measure. This program went into the emotional aspects of food/eating. I lost 50 pounds on raw food about 5 years ago and have never looked back. I eat cooked food occasionally - mostly in the winter (we are in a high mountain desert that gets really cold in the winter). I prepare gourmet type raw food which can be time-consuming and requires patience (to dehydrate for several days - the anticipation is a killer!).

Back to what sets Karen's program the very beginning she introduced the concept of an inspiration board that works at your psyche level - what makes you tick...what motivates you....what inspires you. This is such a fresh approach. You can do anything when you are motivated and can link food choices, exercise, health, etc. to what you truly want (other than just lose weight). Whether you are an inspired dieter, raw foodie, health 'nut', seriously-ill person wanting to take charge of your own health, whatever....this program will get to the root of your heart's desire and then EMPOWER you to make the changes you need to make to be successful.

I LOVED the organization! The attention to detail, even providing multiple choices for the notebook spine and front cover! Karen thought of everything! The recipes are quick and delicious. I will integrate them into my extensive recipe collection. The shopping lists, the menu planning....geez....this is truly a spectacular program.

Being a raw foodie for more than 5 years, I felt pretty sure that I'd learn just a bit of new info, but I was wrong! This was so worth my time and cost of the program. The calls were amazing and the sharing of info between Karen and the program participants was very timely, helpful and applicable to me. I will stay in touch with Karen's work and will not hesitate to participate in future programs. GREAT JOB, KAREN! You are an amazing young woman. Thank you for what you do - and all with such professionalism, kindness and affection! Please keep my name on your mailing list!”
- Beverly Haldiman, New Mexico, USA


“I am forever grateful for Karen and this program. Before it began, I was a raw food novice. I now feel prepared to really begin living life in perfect alignment for what I'm choosing to do.  I can do this because I have learned how to begin healing myself on a cellular level and that constitutes mind body and spirit. My thought processes within these five weeks have drastically changed with Karen's help and her brilliant inner work that we performed. It is here where I have learned and unlearned life altering behaviors that now afford me a better future.  I can't begin to thank Karen enough… she is truly an angel on earth. Thanks for caring, Karen!”
- Debi, Michigan, USA


“My wife took your Let’s Get Rawganized! class this summer, and it changed both of our lives. I am now fully onboard too, as you can see, instead of just having her brief me on Karen Knowler daily! I look forward to the next time.

P.S.  My wife said your calls are THE BEST out there, and I am extremely pleased with this one so far. Thank you for the clarity/simplicity.”
- John, Georgia, USA


One more thing…Karen


Remember, this is not your average organising or diet planning program – by FAR! This is about creating an extRAWdinary diet to give you the foundation for an extRAWdinary life, and making changes that excite you into life rather than push you into a box! That’s why we start with the most compelling vision you can possibly imagine to get you super-excited about upgrading your diet and feeling on top of the world about every aspect of what you eat and why.


Whatever your considerations, this program is fluid enough to address them all. You just need to show up willing and excited to take your diet and yourself to a new and ecstatic place and the program will guide you the rest of the way.

It really is the place to be if you’re committed to exploring where you raw food diet and clarity can take you…


By the end of this program you will have:

  • A vision that excites you beyond measure (that is either realised during the 5 weeks, or, if your goal extends beyond 5 weeks or is especially grand, then is a significant way in to being realised)
  • The knowledge about what type of eater you are and how to work with that for ultimate joy and getting the results you want (and you can test your partner and family too!)
  • Established supporting boundaries around what you will and won’t eat in different situations so you are clear in yourself and can relax accordingly
  • A way of eating that is a perfect fit for YOU, your circumstances and your lifestyle and gets you to your vision
  • A set of menu plans to work for different seasons, circumstances and experiences
  • A Rawganized Binder that is the one-stop-home for all your raw food information
  • Your Rawganized Recipes Binder to house all of your raw food recipes
  • A totally detoxed and re-organised kitchen that you love to be in and that fully supports your vision
  • A set of “Super Stashes” for every situation that needs pre-planning
  • A one-stop document that you check in with once per week to keep everything ticking along and taking you ever upwards…

And then there’s the fabulous friends you’ll make (you have the chance to work with a buddy), the coaching and guidance you’ll receive from me directly and being part of a group, and the power of being in an inspiring and info-rich program like this.


Just imagine what you can achieve in an environment as focused, inspiring and “all taken care of” as this!


Come on and join me, I promise you’ll be raving about it FOREVER!


Disclaimer: This program is designed to guide and support you on your raw food journey. Any nutritional guidelines or recipes given are for informational purposes only and are not to replace advice given by your qualified medical or alternative practitioner. In participating in this program you understand that your choices in ALL areas are ultimately your responsibility.


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