Attention: Aspiring, new, or experienced Raw Food Coaches and Teachers who are looking to serve in bigger, juicier and more profitable ways in 2011


The International Association
of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers


  • If you’ve committed to serving the world via the profession of raw food coaching or teaching…
  • If you’ve been looking for a supportive, exciting business environment to take your raw food coaching and teaching skills to a whole new level…
  • If you want to belong to a community that truly “gets” you, both as a raw food enthusiast, and especially as a business owner, and loves ALL of that about you!...
  • If you’ve been yearning to find out how to create a more profitable and/or six-figure business out of doing what you love, while making an even bigger impact with your services but just haven’t known where to turn…

All this and so much more is available to you,
via the BRAND NEW

Launching Friday 1st April 2011

Karen KnowlerDear Raw Food Coach or Teacher,


If anyone knows and understands about the passion you have for your work as a raw food coach and/or teacher, then it’s me.


I know personally what it took for you to make the decision to not only eat raw food, but to decide to take your message out to the world, to share it with people, even when many of them may have thought you a little crazy.


I know it took courage, and I know it continues to take courage, to do what you do, even when the going gets tough… and I also know that it takes know-how – good, solid business and marketing know-how to make your business work and to do the work that you set out boldly and bravely to do. Dreaming and hoping are, sadly, as you may very well know by now, not the strategies that work…


Hi, I’m Karen Knowler, “The Raw Food Coach”, and for the past 12+ years I have been working full-time in the field of raw and living foods, passionately, devotedly and 100% committed to making a positive mark on the world by spreading the word about the many and multi-faceted benefits of eating raw. If you’ve already heard about me, then you’ll know that, even though I say it myself, I’ve done a pretty good job thus far (see my bio at the end of the page for details) and if you haven’t, then pretty soon you’ll definitely know that I’m a woman who makes things happen.


Even though I have been very successful in my own right as a raw food coach and teacher (I’m based in England but my work is truly global), many of my greatest professional accomplishments have been, and continue to be, training others to do what I do – and specifically, how to make it work as a business.


In fact, over the past few years I have personally trained over 120 people worldwide to become raw food coaches. Many students have invested in my Raw Food Teacher Home Study Program. Also via “Raw Professionals Online”, an online membership support and education program that ran for over two years. I have helped many other raw professionals outside of the coaching and teaching niches, to take their work out into the world in a more professional, passionate and profitable way.


And so, in many ways it was inevitable that the time would come for me to create a single, highly-specialised educational arena for me to pass on everything that I’ve learned - and continue to learn - about how to create, build and enjoy an online raw food coaching and teaching business, and to make it THE single most powerful environment to be on the planet for any raw food coaches and teachers who:

A) want to be the best that they can be and who

B) want to create a business that supports them and their mission in a powerful, results-orientated way.


If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

And so it is that 2011 marks the start of something very special in the world of raw and living foods. Something created just for YOU.


The International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers (IARFCT) is launching on Friday 1st April 2011. Its purpose is to inspire, support, educate and network committed and enthusiastic raw food coaches and teachers from all around the world so that they can be the best they can be in their chosen field/s – and not have to struggle with the business part.


Who is the IARFCT for?


Anyone who coaches or teaches around raw food to any degree – or aspires to, is welcome to join.

This means:

  • Complete beginners who are seriously considering becoming coaches or teachers and want to dip their toe in the water.
  • Self-taught coaches and teachers, who want to smooth out any gaps in their knowledge, uplevel their practice or increase their online business know-how.
  • Already trained coaches and teachers who want to stay plugged in to new and ever-evolving ways of doing things, for ultimate “finger-on-the-pulse” updates and a constant stream of newly inspired ideas and input.

And, of course, as this is an International organisation, we’re excited to welcome and to network with members from every country around the world.


If YOU are ready to uplevel yourself, your business, and the impact that your raw food coaching or teaching business has on the world, then the IARFCT is THE place for you!

Everything that’s happening in and around IARFCT is about helping you to reach your professional goals, so that you can make the impact on the world that you aspire to make.


And even if you’ve never taught a class before or haven’t coached a client, you are just as welcome to be part of the IARFCT community and to benefit from learning at a world-class level.


IARFCT will absolutely be a joyful, inspiring and supportive place to be, and it will also be the place where serious let's-make-things-happen conversations happen – because THAT’S what makes all the difference!


In short, my mission within IARFCT is to support and guide YOU to MAKE A DIFFERENCE – to whatever level you desire, whether that be local, regional, national or global.


Here’s what IARFCT delivers that will support and enable you to create the business, the impact and the income that you dream of…

Private membership to the Association forum

Via this special, members-only, forum you can network, discuss, share and joint venture with other teachers and coaches and advertise your classes, programs, events, products and services to other members. This is also the password-protected home for all call recordings, resources, training materials, transcripts, savings codes, call and event information and much more.


SPECIAL BONUS: Also inside the member area you’ll find masses of valuable, tried-and-trusted professional contacts for everything from copywriting to web design, shopping cart assistance to insurance contacts.

The Association membership logo to put on your web site and marketing materials etc.

By displaying the IARFCT logo on your web site you tell the world that you are part of a very special group of people, a group of people who have made a serious and professional commitment to their business and mission by choosing to stay plugged in to raw food coaching/teaching at the highest level. Anyone who has the IARFCT logo on their web site will be recognised as a true professional in this field, that you are one who instills confidence in your clients and prospective clients that they have found someone who is dedicated to their success.

Monthly 90-minute Group Q&A Call with a Bonus Review Session with Karen Knowler

This monthly call is an open Q&A call, where all members can submit questions, live or in advance of the call, if they can’t be present, via telephone or webcast. You can ask questions about any aspect of building your business – from where to start, to what to create next, through to how to handle a problematic client situation, how to hire a VA, how to best manage your time and beyond. The Review Session can be used for any web or print related item that you would like feedback on and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis - one person per month, will receive up to 20 minutes of dedicated review time. The entire call will be recorded and the recording will be uploaded to the Association forum within 24 hours of the call taking place. A PDF transcript will follow within two weeks – great for you if you prefer to read rather than to listen.


These calls typically take place on the FIRST Monday of the month from 1:30pm-3:00pm UK / 8:30am-10:00am Eastern.

Monthly 60-minute Group Training & Assignment Call with Karen Knowler

This call will cover a different business building, coaching, teaching, or money mindset related topic each and every month that will take your business forward in significant ways. At the end of each call an assignment will be set that will enable you to put to immediate (and profitable) use the information shared. This call will be recorded and the recording will be uploaded to the Association web site within 24 hours of the call taking place.  A PDF transcript will follow within two weeks.


These calls typically take place on the SECOND Monday of the month from 1:30pm-2:30pm UK / 8:30am-9:30am Eastern.


Forthcoming topics:

  • How to clean up your money habits
  • How to choose the best business model for you
  • How to create a new information product in 4 weeks or less
  • How to get started (and what to post) on YouTube
  • How to sell physical products through your business
  • How to create coaching packages
  • How to create a high ticket program that brings in the $$$
  • How to create a Profit Pyramid
  • How to create a marketing calendar
  • How to set and reach your chosen financial goal
  • How to choose which type of event is the best fit for your business
  • How to map out a raw food class - that works!
Special Business Building Resource Centre

Within the Association forum you’ll find some super-useful resources to get your raw food coaching or teaching business off to a flying start.


All materials come in MP3, PDF, MS word or Excel formats, and right away you’ll be able to download:


  • Raw Professionals Online Module #1: Brilliant Branding
  • Raw Professionals Online Module #2: Web Sites Made Easy
  • Raw Professionals Online Module #3: Blogs: The Why & The How
  • Raw Professionals Online Module #4: Awesome eZines
  • Raw Professionals Online Module #5: The Irresistible Free Taste
  • Raw Professionals Online eBook: Manifesting Miracles in Business
  • Raw Professionals Online spreadsheet: INCOME & EXPENSES
  • Raw Professionals Online spreadsheet: GOAL SETTING & BUDGETING
  • Raw Professionals Online spreadsheet: FINANCIAL STATS & TRACKING
  • The Raw Food Coaches Master Business Blueprint (Master document for mapping out many of the most important aspects of your business so you know you’ve addressed them, and they’re all in one place)
  • New coaching client questionnaire template
  • Raw food coaching pre- and post- call forms
  • Raw food class feedback form template
  • Selling from the back of the room checklist


Where else can you gain such a high quality, specialised training, guidance and ideas, PLUS an abundant collection of business building benefits for just over £1 per day?

As you may know, accessing business building information of this nature is usually only available via high-ticket trainings and coaching programs – usually at a cost of $$$$’s per year, mine included.


However, I know that not everyone’s budget can stretch to that, especially in the early days. And the early days is often where the most input and guidance is required.


Via the Association, I can deliver support and ideas at the highest level AND provide them to you at an incredibly low investment, making this a total win for you, whatever your income may currently be. By the end of the year, if you put into practice everything that you learn and the ideas that I give you directly or indirectly, there’s no reason why you couldn’t double, triple, quadruple, or add a zero or two, to your current income because the ideas and knowledge that I share with you are not only invaluable, but they can and will absolutely add massively to your bottom line if you implement what you learn. (During my first year in business I turned over £100,000 – equivalent to $200,000 at the time).


So, my question to you now is:

How much more of a difference could you make, how many more lives could you change and how much more income could you create for yourself and your family if you invested just a few pounds per month to learn how to be the best you can be?

Join the IARFCT today and start benefiting right away from the tools, knowledge and inspiration that will quite simply make ALL of the difference.

Some of the things I am well known for is over-delivering, exceeding expectations and having ground-breaking ideas at every turn - I have NO DOUBT that you will consider this one of the best investments you have ever made in your raw food business.


Ah, but there’s more!

I truly do care about your success.

YOUR success benefits not only you and your family, but also, in fact, the entire world - and I am dedicated to helping you succeed.

These very special BONUS GIFTS will be yours for FREE as a special welcome present from me when you choose to become part of the IARFCT.


“My Brilliant Business Journal”

Within four weeks of joining, you’ll be mailed the fabulous spiral-bound “My Brilliant Business Journal” (retail price £29.99). This brilliant “hard copy” Journal will help you plan your year, month, week and day as well as be an inspiring resource to help you reach your goals, plant new seeds and “smell the roses” along the way. Orientated around a powerful combination of practical business planning and utilising law of attraction principles, you’ll find this Journal an invaluable support, and source of inspiration, for your business journey, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.



FREE Advertising on is an International one-stop-shop for raw food resources online.


When you become a member of IARFCT you receive:

  • Unlimited FREE listings on for all of your raw-related offerings
  • Unlimited FREE listings on for all of your live and online events
  • Up to 300 word business summary/profile on The Raw Food Directory Blog – you submit it, we’ll proof, post and tweet about it. Your post will then go into the RFD blog archives.
  • A business listing on The Raw Food Directory Blog in a new separate section called Raw Food Coaches & Teachers in Your Area. We will state your name and location and your speciality in one sentence (which you supply). You will be listed alphabetically by country, then by region. The link will go to your page.



20% Savings Coupon on ALL Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops are workshops that happen live online rather than at a specific “real world” location. There are many benefits to virtual workshops – no travel required; you can take part from the comfort of your home office and… no overnight expenses! Literally, people from all around the world can be in attendance at the same time.


In 2011 there will be a variety of virtual workshops happening, including the Money Breakthrough Method 2-Part Virtual Workshop entitled “Break Free From Your Money Stuff and Align With the Wealth You Desire” (Wednesday 28th April & Thursday 12th May 2011) and the “How to Write Your First Business Building Book” 1-Day Virtual Workshop (Thursday 16th June 2011).


As a member of the IARFCT, you save 20% on any or all of these truly life and business-changing virtual workshops when you apply the special coupon code that we give you. This can add up to a SIGNIFICANT savings.


Other Virtual Workshops are planned for 2011, and details will be released later in the spring.



20% Savings Coupon on ALL Business-Related Products

For any business-related product that I retail online, you will also be able to apply a special coupon code to obtain 20% off any non-sale price for the duration of your membership. And if there’s something you really want to buy, just think of the savings!


Current products available:

  • The Raw Food Teacher Training Home Study Course (pictured)
  • Raw Professionals Online Modules
  • My Brilliant Business Journal


Excited to join me? I hope so!

I know that what I have lined up for you is way more than you can even begin to gauge simply from reading words on a page, although I’ve certainly done my best to give you a feel for that. Can you imagine what one year with me and your colleagues inside the organisation could do for your confidence, morale, sense of purpose, niche-specific knowledge and all-round business know-how – and PASSION?


I know it can be a lonely journey to try to go it alone without support, but not just that… The lessons that you sometimes have to learn the hard way can be painful and costly.


For example, do you know what you’d do if a client tried to back out of an agreement? Would you know how to handle a teleconference if your line cut out? Do you know how to have a conversation with a potential client that doesn’t give the store away and instead makes them eager to work with you? Do you know how to create a client conversion rate of 80%+? And do you know how to create your own branded products rather than someone else’s?


These are just a tiny fraction of the kinds of things I get asked about - and trust me; it’s taken almost two decades to accrue this information and know-how.


Would you like to spend 20 years doing the same, or would you prefer to have easy access to someone who can answer your pressing question for you in a heartbeat?


I know what I’d do (and I do!).


Just think what a difference being plugged in to someone who has “been there, done that” could make to your business and your sense of security.


By having regular access to me as your mentor, you can save yourself precious time, money and energy and make sounder business decisions based on real-life experience. You could literally save yourself thousands of $$$’s by accessing information that saves expensive mistakes OR by learning how to leverage and increase the numbers in your business, creating a win-win for all concerned.


Curious to know the price?


You can probably guess by now that the value of what you will receive within the Association runs into THOUSANDS of pounds/euros/dollars.


The good news is I’m keeping this REALLY simple AND SUPER-AFFORDABLE.
As a charter member of the IARFCT you can gain all of the above benefits for the extraordinarily low investment of

just £499 for a year.


That’s just £41 (approx. $66) per month for not only fantastic invaluable business building information but also for the opportunity to have YOUR specific questions answered, your dilemmas addressed, your programmes and offerings become more profitable, and of course all the other fabulous bonuses I’m gifting you, including the fabulous “My Brilliant Business Journal”, 20% savings on products and virtual workshops, unlimited free advertising on and having your business listed on the Raw Food Directory Blog in your particular part of the world.


If you’re ready, then all this and more is waiting for you inside the IARFCT…

"Yes, I'm ready to step up and commit to myself, my business and the people I know I am here to serve. I know that by becoming part of the IARFCT I will be giving myself the gift of education, support and inspiration to do what I set out to do – plus I’ll be among a group of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things from all around the world and having a lot of fun along the way.”

As a member of this professional, one-of-a-kind raw food coach and teacher association, I receive a full year of benefits and privileges including:
  1. Private membership to the Association forum – including the tried-and-trusted professional contacts rolodex.
  1. The Association membership logo to put on my web site and marketing materials, etc.
  1. Monthly 90-minute Group Q&A Call with Bonus Review Session with Karen Knowler – with the opportunity to have MY questions answered each and every month.
  1. Monthly 60-minute Group Training & Assignment Call with Karen Knowler – where I will learn something new and valuable to the growth of my business and bottom line.
  1. Special Business Building Resource Centre where I can access invaluable templates, checklists, workbooks and more.
  1. “My Brilliant Business Journal” spiral-bound journal that will keep me inspired; on-track and enjoying the journey.
  1. Unlimited FREE listings on for all of my raw-related offerings and events, valid for the duration of my membership.
  1. Up to 300 word business summary/profile on The Raw Food Directory Blog where I can share who I am and what I’m about.
  1. A business listing on The Raw Food Directory Blog in the Raw Food Coaches & Teachers in Your Area section, where I’ll be listed according to my country and area.
  1. 20% savings coupon on ALL virtual workshops – a brilliant bonus to use towards going even deeper with my education should I choose to do so.
  1. 20% savings coupon on ALL business-related products
I understand that my IARFCT membership is for a full year. I understand I can cancel at any time, however, because membership is for a full year, no refunds, pro-rated or otherwise, are provided. If I have opted for the 4-pay option then my remaining balance is still due. At the end of my membership year my credit card will be automatically billed for the next year's Association dues at the annual rate listed below. If I choose not to renew my membership, I can request to cancel any time prior to billing, and my credit card will not be charged for the next year's Association dues.


I understand that the total value of everything I receive for my dues is well in excess of £4000 ($6000 US) but is mine today for less than an EIGHTH of the price at £499.


The First IARFCT Group Call is on Monday 4th April 2011

Which Payment Option Would You Like?

Option One (Best Deal)
(EU Residents: UK, Germany, Belgium etc.)
Pay-in-full at £499
+VAT @20%

Option One (Best Deal)
(NON-EU Residents: US, Canada, Australia etc.)
Pay-in-full at $799*

Option 2
(EU Residents: UK, Germany, Belgium etc.)
Pay in 4 monthly payments of £145 +VAT @15%

Option 2
(NON-EU Residents: US, Canada, Australia etc.)
Pay in 4 monthly payments of $230*


Monthly payments will automatically be processed every 30 days via the shopping cart.


*NB: All $US prices quoted are approximate, owing to currency fluctuations beyond our control. We have done our best to represent the latest figures as at early of March 2011, but please understand that your full or individual payments may be above or below that quoted above depending upon on the currency price at the time of purchase/billing.




Congratulations on making this awesome commitment to yourself, your growth, your business and to the planet. I can’t wait to share my most amazing content, knowledge and business building strategies with you.

Karen Knowler


Any questions? Contact us and ask away! We are here to help. Simply email

- Remember, I have been working professionally in the raw food field since 1998. Just imagine what knowledge and experience base I have to draw upon and how that can help YOU avoid the learning curve, pain and financial losses that bad business decisions often cost.


PPS - Visionary, passionate, enthusiastic people invest in themselves AND make things happen! I’ve spent literally HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of $$$ on my online business education and have multiplied my investment many times over. For an investment this low and with so much on offer, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember, just one new client or one small class could more than pay for your whole year’s membership and all of the abundant benefits.



Founder of the IARFCT


Karen KnowlerKaren Knowler is one of the most accomplished raw food educators in the world today. Her raw food journey began in 1993, aged 20, while living solo in London, a year after going vegetarian. Five years later she was running The Fresh Network – the UK’s first raw food organisation. Karen went on to lead and run The Fresh Network for the next 8½ years, taking it from a small non-profit organisation with limited services and less than 300 members, to a full-blown mail order company (the first of its kind in the UK), magazine publisher, festival organiser and regular event host, before selling the company and moving full time into the creation and running of


Karen’s professional accomplishments include:

  • Taught the first regular raw food classes in the UK (“Raw Food for Beginners”) from 1999 - 2009
  • Co-authored the popular raw food book “Feel-Good Food: A Guide to Intuitive Eating” with The Fresh Network’s founder, Susie Miller (2000)
  • Appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including live on the GMTV sofa with Lorraine Kelly in 2002, reaching over 4 million viewers on that one show alone
  • Appeared in almost every British newspaper and women’s magazine as a raw food expert
  • Hosted world leading raw food experts in London and around the UK, including: David Wolfe, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr Brian Clement, Victoria Boutenko, Paul Nison, Fred Bisci, Frederic Patenaude and more.
  • Spoken internationally in the USA, Germany, Netherlands
  • Becoming known as one of the leading authorities on raw food worldwide
  • Created, edited and published “Get Fresh!” magazine until 2007
  • Organised and ran the first ever UK raw food festival “The Fresh Festival”
  • Created and led the first ever Raw Coach Trainings, drawing students from all over the world. Total trained – over 120.
  • Created and led the first ever Raw Food Classes Training (December 2008)
  • Created and served through, publishing a weekly eZine “Successfully Raw” that currently reaches over 17,000 people per week
  • Launched - the world’s most user-friendly raw food resource site
  • Created “The Raw Food Teacher Home Study Program” - the complete guide to creating and running raw food classes.
  • Created “International Raw Food Day”, which now happens every 11th July.
  • Set up the publishing imprint “Raw Food Coach Media”.
  • Wrote and published “Raw Food Made Simple” in November 2010.
  • Recently taken on by Hay House with a new book publishing in spring 2012.
  • Founded the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers (IARFCT)

Today, Karen is known not just for her raw food coaching and teaching skills (and great raw food recipes!) but equally for her internet marketing knowledge, inspired business ideas and her associations with some of the most famous internet marketers of our time, who she continues to learn from personally.


Karen’s mission is to bring raw food to the mainstream. Via the Association Karen enables, inspires and supports other raw food professionals, new and accomplished, to be part of that common mission and to share their own unique brilliance with the world in a way that brings joy, fulfilment and abundance.


Read testimonials about Karen’s business coaching here >>


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the IARFCT and its potential. Each individual’s success depends upon his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation - and of course, taking action! As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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