A completely new approach that will help you enjoy your relationship with food and find your own
perfect balance.
- Natural Health Magazine

It’s finally here! THE ground-breaking book from Karen Knowler
that shows you how to work with YOUR personality
to create the perfect diet for YOU

Dear Friend,

Do you ever feel frustrated or confused about food, eating, diets or health?

Would you like to better understand your eating habits, and how you can open up to a whole new way of thinking, feeling or being around food?

This ground-breaking book, hot off the press on 5th March 2012, holds the secret to the ten different eating styles that exist and the gifts and challenges each one holds, showing you how each style can be used to create the experiences you want in your life.

Whether you want to achieve weight loss, energy gain, improved health or inner peace - or simply find a more convenient way to eat for your lifestyle - this book will put you firmly in control of your relationship with food, and allow you to find the perfect balance based on your current or long-term needs or desires.

Hi, I’m Karen Knowler, also known as “The Raw Food Coach” and I’ve been working on the international healthy eating, raw food and self-help scene since 1998, teaching, writing and coaching professionally. I’ve been a regular in the UK media, appeared on TV including LK Today, and featured in numerous magazines, including Tatler, Glamour and Woman & Home, and this year you’ll see me all over the UK press as my latest book “Eat Right for Your Personality Type” hits the shelves nationwide.

I’m very excited to bring this work to the world – finally. As well as outlining the 10 different eater types, I also go into the 10 different “possibilities” – i.e. the 10 different experiences people may choose to create through their eating. And then I go into the profound as I discuss how who we are being plus what we are eating, creates our personal reality.

Yes, it’s that BIG!

Through my work I have come to see time and time again that what you put into your mouth often has a much bigger impact on your life than what you allow to come out of it. In short, what you eat can change everything.

I feel truly blessed to have accessed this life-changing information. I continue to be amazed at how many wonderful new doors get to open when the teachings contained within this book are applied. To put this in perspective, I’ve coached thousands of people around the globe for over a decade and I consider my discovery of the 10 different eater types and how this all works to be one of the single most powerful realisations I have had around food, eating and human potential in all of these years.

How would it be if you could find a way of eating that nourished you on every level, that comprised of foods that were a perfect fit for you in every way, and that made you look and feel the way you want to look and feel?

“Eat Right for Your Personality Type” holds the key to the door…

By the time you’ve finished reading this life-changing guide, you’ll have learned how to work with this highly potent information to achieve any experience or result that you want!


In this ground-breaking book you will:

  • Discover how happy you are overall with your current approach to food and eating.
  • Discover what type of eater YOU are from the 10 Eater Types.
  • See how your unique Eater Types Profile is working for and against you.
  • Decide if YOUR eating style is really the best fit for you and if not, how you want to tweak it.
  • Decide how you want to move forward with your type/s, or whether you want to swap, release or completely change the way that you approach eating.
  • Learn about how who you are + what you eat = your experience.
  • Learn about the 10 different Possibilities (experiences) that exist.
  • Choose the Possibility that’s the most exciting/appropriate for where you are in your life right now.
  • Decide what foods you are going to play with to make that happen.


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FULL TITLE: Eat Right for Your Personality Type

AUTHOR: Karen Knowler

PUBLISHER: Hay House UK (5 March 2012)


ISBN: 978-1-84850-577-3

PRICE: £12.99

DIMENSIONS: 21.5 x 13.5 x 2.4 cm

PAGES: 288 pages

ILLUSTRATIONS: Mono print with line illustrations


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