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Are you passionate about raw food with lots of knowledge and real-life experience to share?

Have you already started a raw food business, or thought about it, and want to learn how to best leverage your time and talents to serve more people and earn more money from the comfort of your own home?

Or perhaps you’re already a raw food coach or consultant of some kind, but you’re pretty much self-taught and just aren’t getting the results that you’ve dreamed of…

Whether you are brand new to raw food coaching or more experienced, there’s some things you simply MUST know about what a raw food coach is, what it takes to become a successful raw food coach and the all-important steps to get there.

If you’re ready to take your raw food knowledge, passion and a deep desire to serve others via a thriving raw food coaching business, then I’m ready to show you how!

And I want to share this information – for FREE, with YOU – in my upcoming teleclass happening this November.

Hi, I’m Karen Knowler, long-time trainer to the trainers in the field of raw food teaching and coaching, and founder of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers (IARFCT).

I’ve been coaching in this field and training others how to teach and coach for 12 and 6 years respectively. And along the way you could say that I’ve learned a few things about what makes a great raw food coach, and what makes a successful one. And they are most definitely not the same thing.

Being passionate and knowledgeable about raw food is one thing (and absolutely important), but knowing how to create and build a raw food coaching business that runs like clockwork and leverages your time is entirely another, and unfortunately this is where most people fall down. They just don’t know what to do, where to start, and in many cases, how to actually coach.

When I discovered that there were hundreds of others like me who wanted to coach in raw food but just weren’t making it work, I decided to take everything I had learned about raw food coaching, life coaching and online business building and to create a training that would enable literally anyone who had some raw food knowledge and confidence to be able to set themselves up with their own unique raw food business so that they too could share their knowledge, channel their passion and build a thriving business from the comfort of their own home, just as I had.

If YOU’RE ready to find out how you too can create a thriving raw food coaching business from home, or even if you’re just considering the idea but have no clue if it’s for you yet – then you need to join me for my FREE live training call happening on:


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6am Sydney, Australia (Thursday 22 November)

Join me for this NO-COST info-packed 90-minute training teleclass and I will share with you:

  • The unusual story of how I came to become a raw food coach and went on to train over 400 others in the raw food world
  • What a raw food coach really is (there’s confusion!), and the many and diverse ways that they can “show up” in the world – without even using the word “raw”
  • Why raw food coaching can be THE single most fulfilling and abundant path of all raw food career paths
  • The 10 most common mistakes that many raw food coaches make and how to avoid them
  • The income potential of being a raw food coach and how to build a full time income off the back of your coaching business (I’ll be sharing some real numbers to show you just what’s possible).

SPECIAL BONUS 1: Sign up for this call and I’ll give you my “What Every Raw Food Coach Needs to Know” Checklist. This list will break it down for you so you know exactly what you need to know to be successful, in simple easy-to-understand beginners language.

SPECIAL BONUS 2: Better still, I’ll send you my “40 Ways to Earn and Serve as a Raw Food Coach” Checklist. This invaluable poster will open your eyes wide open to the MANY fabulous ways that you can earn income as a raw food coach – ways that you’ve probably never even heard of. This checklist could literally be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you and will show you just how diverse and creative raw food coaching can be.

So, join me on this info-packed FREE
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If you’re ready to turn your passion into your vocation, to create great income from sharing what you love, then this is the call for you.

I look forward to inspiring you and sharing my potent “what you really should know” secrets with you on November 21st!

See you there!

Radiantly yours,

Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler | “The Raw Food Coach”

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“Before working with Karen, I had been attempting to create an online business for approximately 3 years.  I had spent thousands of dollars on programs, and many of them were excellent.  But what was missing for me was a structured, organized way to pull all of what I had learned together into a business that I could love and one that came from the deepest part of my heart.

Since working personally with Karen, I have:

  • Gotten completely clear on my own unique brand that comes from my heart and soul
  • Gotten completely clear on my ideal client and those I’m called to serve
  • Gotten completely clear on why I’m doing what I’m doing, and how to walk in passion and purpose for the highest good of others and for myself
  • Created a beautiful website and blog
  • Created my signature system, “Thin for Him”
  • Created systems that keep me organized and productive
  • Created a huge shift around money and learning how to attract it into my business

There is more, but it would take me 3 pages to write everything out that I’ve learned since working with Karen at this level!  And I haven’t even begun to touch on the immense personal growth and development in my health and in my life, separate from the business growth, that has occurred since working with her.

If you want a step-by-step plan for your business, and you want to know you have a coach who is completely committed to your success and who puts her heart and soul into everything she does, then you want to work with Karen.”

Ginny Edwards, www.GinnyEdwards.com

"Karen Knowler is unquestionably leading the world's raw food industry to a powerful new level. Since getting to know her and her work in my Diamond Mastermind, I've been incredibly impressed with her knowledge and insight into the world of raw food. If anyone I know was considering a training program to become a raw food coach, I would tell them there is no alternative - you simply MUST train with Karen Knowler."

Ali Brown, millionaire entrepreneur coach and Inc. 500 CEO

Karen is both a leader in the raw food industry AND the one to go to for business mentoring on how to succeed within this fast-growing niche. Her marketing expertise is exactly what raw food coaches and trainers want help with the most: how to grow their list, launch new services, create a compelling online presence, attract new clients and more. Even better, she teaches the mindset raw food professionals need in order to excel in their business, on their terms. Hands down, Karen's creativity, excellent materials and skill as a coach and mentor are the best you'll ever find. Whether you're considering making raw food your career, you're starting a new business (in any industry) or you're looking to take your business to the next level, I recommend getting your hands on Karen's secrets to creating success.”

Kendall SummerHawk, Million Dollar marketing Coach, Co-founder International Association of Women in Business Coaching

About Karen

Karen Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach”, former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK's Raw and Living Foods organisation, founder and director of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers (IARFCT), creator and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine and creator of International Raw Food Day and TheRawFoodDirectory.com. With almost two decades of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods since 1998 and training other business owners to do the same since 2007.

Author of Raw Food Made Simple and her new book Eat Right For Your Personality Type published in March 2012 with Hay House, Karen has established herself not only as one of the most prominent raw food educators on the planet today, highly respected both within the community and within mainstream media, but also as the go-to person for those who want to create or grow a raw food business and make their mark in the world of raw foods and beyond.

Karen’s mission is to make raw food mainstream worldwide and there’s nothing she loves more than helping others to spread the word in a way that is joyful, profitable and sustainable, so that they too can eat, live and share their message and lead congruent, healthful, abundant and passionate lives.